Product Review - Melissa & Doug 10 Jumbo Triangular Chalk Set (

My Package from arrived a few days ago and one of the products I received was the Melissa & Doug 10 Jumbo Triangular Chalk Set.

Product Description:
Colorful, chunky, triangular chalk sticks are easy to grasp and won′t roll away! Non-toxic chalk is great inside for chalkboards or paper, or outside for sidewalk fun! The unique shape will help develop the preferred grip for later writing skills.

What I Like:
Non toxic
Doesn’t roll away
Washes off very easily
Comes in a great variation of colors

What I Dislike:
Not too durable / Breaks Easy

The Melissa & Doug 10 Jumbo Triangular Chalk Set works great on our easel and washes off nicely, the only complaint I have is that the chalk breaks easily, my 2 yr old dropped a few and they broke but I haven’t tried/had any chalk that hasn’t broken when dropped one the floor a few times so it’s not that big of a deal, it comes in a variety of colors which is great and I really like the shape of it as it makes holding it easy and it doesn’t roll away like traditional chalk. My daughters enjoy using this chalk and have been asking to go outside to draw on the driveway but they haven’t yet due to the weather but once the weather warms up they'll be using them outside and getting creative and making the driveway colorful =) you can find the Melissa & Doug 10 Jumbo Triangular Chalk Set on for $3.99 right now, regular price is $4.95.

And right now ia offering free shipping on orders over $75

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