Product Review - Practice Finger

Product Description:
Brand new and high quality
Style : can insert false nails at the finger tips for nail art practice and display
Adhesive pad at the bottom of the fingers to keep it steady
Ideal tool for nail art artists, best for acrylic, gel and wrap practice
A nice display for nail art designs and patterns!
Perfect for both professional use or personal use!

What I Like:
Has a great slot to put nail tips
Adhesive bottom
Great for Learning/Practicing

What I Dislike:

I received the bornprettystore Practice Finger a few days ago and it is great for practicing. It's very sturdy and the adhesive bottom is a great addition because the finger doesn't slide. I'll be practicing the application of acrylic nails and designs with the practice finger which is great because I don't need to use my own nails and constantly remove or reapply which may cause damage. The bornprettystore practice finger retails for $1.18 Offers FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and offers a variety of beauty products for affordable LOW prices.

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