Product Review - Rhinestone Wheel

Product Description:
Round-shaped Nail Art Rhinestones comes in 12 different colors:
--Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, Purple, Pink, silver etc.
Flat back, easy for sticking
Retail Package with wheel, easy to carry and ready for use!!
Can be used for many times if they are used and removed properly.
Create your own pattern and add shiny colors to our nail art!!
Suitable to use on top of nail polish, UV builder gel, acrylic, etc.
Make your nails sparkling and add shiny colors to your nails!
Easy to use, can be also be used to decorate your home and furniture, cell phone and mp3 cases, glasses, cards, bookmarks, body art, etc..
For professional salon or home use

What I Like:
Easy to use
Comes in a variation of colors
Comes with a lot (1800!)

What I Dislike:
Some of the Rhinestones where all mixed up

Products Used:

I received the bornprettystore Rhinestone Wheel a few days ago and I decided to do Little A's Nails last night. It was very easy to use/apply, what I did was I painted her nails in a turquoise color, applied a top coat, then picked up the purple rhinestones with the bornprettystore dotting tool (review here) I then stuck them on top of the clear topcoat, and applied the topcoat once again after all the rhinestones were applied. The bornprettystore Rhinestone wheel retails for $3.33

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