Review - Costume Discounters

Every Halloween the kids get super excited to dress up and go trick or treating (which kid doesn't), but the preparation before Halloween can sometimes be a headache! We have to go to many stores to find that perfect costume and Little A (6) can also be very picky.

Costume Discounters takes the headache away! They have a HUGE selection of costumes, all at one place. Their website is very easy to browse and they have everything sorted out into categories and themes which is great especially if you have something specific your looking for. You can also narrow down your search by price which is great if your on a budget. I browsed toddler Halloween costumes and they had a great selection for toddlers. It took me a while to decided on what costume to choose but after browsing for a while I decided to go with their witch costumes and picked out the Story Book Witch Costume for Little Baby (2).

When the costume arrived she was very happy and we put it on right away. The costume is very well made and the material is also really good. It’s not too thin and it does not fell cheap and fits true to size. With the usual cold Halloween/October in Canada wearing this costume with a pair of pants and a long sleeve shirt underneath would be perfect, as it'd be well hidden and she’ll look fab while staying warm.

Here are some photos of Little Baby wearing her costume:

Isn’t this costume soOo pretty! It’s definitely the prettiest witch costume I’ve ever seen :)

Costume Discounters also offers a lowest price guarantee! How great is that! If you find a costume on the internet for a lower price not only will they match it for you, they will also take an additional %20 off. This is great because when you shop with Costume Discounters you can count on getting the best price! So why would you want to shop anywhere else?

Overall, I’m really happy with Costume Discounters. It's a great place to shop for your costumes. They have a great selection of both adults and kids costumes, so if your looking for a costume for yourself, your kids or both definitely check out Costume Discounters…It sure cannot get any better with their lowest price guarantee!

Thank You Costume Discounters!