Review - Hard Candy Cosmetics

About Hard Candy:

"Hard Candy amazes with off the charts products, intense color, wild packaging and a flair for the dramatic. The name invokes all things girly and sweet while the brand brings in an edge and attitude. Truly the best of both worlds.

We turn heads, create buzz, lift energy, start conversations, end boredom and give good face. We push the envelope and pull in new fans. We will steer the industry to bigger and better.. We will quench the desire for a new and fun cosmetic line and leave women thirsting for more. Hard Candy makes a difference!

Our mission is to create an arsenal of products that excite, glamorize, and empower women in their daily make up routines.”

Kal-eye-descope - Baked Eyeshadow Duos:
Perfect palettes of highly pigmented, wet-dry shadows that instantly bring color & eyes to life! The formula has been baked (not pressed) on a terracotta disk, offering wet-dry benefits in a rich, colorful, long-lasting application that's never chalky. Apply "wet" for more dramatic, intense color, or "dry" for softer, more shimmery effect. When "wet" try the deeper tones as an eyeliner.

What I Like:
Nice packaging
Has a nice shimmer
Does not cease
Blends well
Can be use wet or dry
Great lasting power

I received the duo in Daydream (#260) and I love love love it! It’s a silver and pink duo as pictured above, the colors are gorgeous! I applied the duo wet so that the color would be more intense. I didn’t have any fallout which is good and I also applied the shadow with primer so it lasted the entire day.

Ginormous Lash Voumizing Mascara:
Fatten your flutter with this lash plumping formula. The larger brush, with slightly tapered edges reaches from root to tip for truly bat-worthy volume and glamour. From Carbon Black to Electric Blue.

What I Like:
Nice packaging
Stays on all day
Does not Smudge
Does not flake
Washes off nicely

The Ginormous Lash Voumizing Mascara has a nice plastic brush that nicely separates your lashes and once it’s applied it doesn’t smudge or flake, it’s also very easy to apply. I didn’t get much volume but it did lengthen my lashes very nicely. I received the mascara in electric blue, it’s really pretty and I love using it as a highlight. Although this mascara didn’t provide me with volume it did a great job lengthening them and provided them with a nice highlight that made my eyes pop.

Buy It:
Hard Candy cosmetics are sold exclusively at Walmart and all for under $10!

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Thanks Hard Candy for providing these products to review.