Review - ShaSha Co.

About ShaSha Co:

An artisan bakery that has combined ancient techniques with innovative methods to produce nutritious, wholesome, organic and natural products.

We take pride in contributing to the quality of life through promoting greater health. Our baking is a creative act of alchemy, combining the finest all natural ingredients - noble in their simplicity- with the passion and patience needed to develop tasty and healthy artisan products. Our bakery concentrates on a few carefully developed products that represent what we believe to be the essence of a well-balanced healthy lifestyle.

Our staff at ShaSha Co. take great pride in creating products that meet the needs of discerning customers who seek to make health and vitality their priority.

We are committed to keeping ourselves and our customers informed on the latest benefits of organic and natural products, sprouting, sourdough baking, Bio food and healthier living through better food choices.

We continuously research new and innovative methods of formulating and processing that creates highly nutritious and great tasting products.

We at ShaSha Co. contribute to better living by supporting organic and natural local farmers who take care of our earth and reduce the carbon footprint. With each purchase of bio-friendly products you are taking a step toward improving the quality of life on mother earth.

Snap Cookies:
ShaSha Co. Snap Cookies make a great and healthy snack, they are made with all natural ingredients and are free of preservatives and additives, they are great tasting and come in a great size pack. Everyone loved them and the kids really liked that they were heart shaped cookies. I fell great giving this to them knowing that they are healthier alternative to other cookies they eat The snap cookies come in four different flavors which include Original Ginger Snaps, Cocoa Snaps, Organic Spelt Ginger Snaps, Organic Spelt Lemon Snaps.

ShaSha Co. has 2 different snacks which are called Buckwheat snacks, they come in the flavors Cocoa & Vanilla and Ginger & Cinnamon. They are great tasting and I really like that they come in a resealable bag, they are great for on the go and I find them very satisfying! Most importantly they are tasty, healthy and USDA certified organic!

Bio Buds:
The Bio Buds line consists of Mung Beans, Adzuki Beans, Lentils and Brown Rice. I never tried Mung Beans or Adzuki beans before so I was really excited to try them, they were easy to prepare and I prepared them with rice. Little A (6) hates the mention of beans and she didn’t want to try it but the rest of us did and we really liked them. The Lentils and brown rice were also really good! The hubs made Lentils soup and boy was it ever good!

I was happy with all the ShaSha Co.products that I was sent. I really like that ShaSha Co. is a Canadian company and provides great tasting healthy items to their costumers. If your looking for great tasting products that are nutritious and healthy ShaSha Co. definitely has what your looking for and those of you on special diets or allergies ShaSha Co. has a wide range of Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free and Yeast Free Products!

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Thank you ShaSha Co. for providing me with these products to review :)