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About Swiss Natural:

Swiss Natural has been helping Canadians re-balance their bodies back to a more natural and healthy state for over 40 years. We’re here to help with the health questions that matter to you most. Ask us anything!

Swiss Herbal Remedies Ltd. was established in 1965 and is Canadian owned and operated. The company began with natural health food stores located in Toronto. After much success, the company began importing, manufacturing, wholesaling and distributing natural supplements. Since then the company has grown to include over 400 vitamins, minerals and supplements under the Swiss Natural™ brand name. Today, Swiss Natural™ employs over 140 people across the country supplying natural health products to retail partners and distributing many products internationally. Swiss Natural™ pillar brands include, Natural HRT®, Total One® Multi Vitamins and Solutions®.

Our mission is to produce safe and efficacious products that are scientifically formulated from natural sources. To ensure consistency with our mission, Swiss Natural is focused on four core priorities:

Swiss Natural Probiotic Age:
Swiss Herbal Remedies has been offering probiotics for decades, before they became the newest trend. Why? Because everyone needs help to rebalance their intestinal tract at one time or another.

Each contains multiple strains of friendly bacteria for optimum intestinal health for each stage of your life. With no refrigeration required and blister-packed for freshness and portability, now there is no excuse not to take yours today.

What I Like:
The Probiotic Age come in convenient capsules. I got them in 2 different life stages. They are very easy to mix in with food and drinks. In the past few weeks I’ve mixed them in my kids meals and it didn’t alter the taste nor were they able to taste or notice it so it was a great way for me to get some probitoic in their diet for them.

Total One® Women Timed Release:

Total One® Women Timed Release is formulated for the optimal health of women under age 50 with 36 vitamins, minerals and supplements including:

Cranberry: Helps decrease the incidence of UTI by preventing the adherence of bacteria to the wall of the urinary tract

B Complex vitamin: Helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins which aids in energy production

Iron: Helps deliver oxygen to tissue. Iron is lost during the menstrual cycle and needs to be replaced at a higher quantity in women at this stage.

Swiss Natural Sources® Timed Release products are formulated to gradually release ingredients over 8 hours.

What I Like:
I like that the Total One® Women Timed Release contain 36 vitamins, minerals and supplements. I’ve been taking these for awhile now and I feel great! The caplets are a bit big so for those of you who aren’t into big pills I’m not to sure if these would be for you, but for me it’s fine. I find them easy to take and I think that they are a great multivitamin.

Solutions® Energy:
Fatigue occurs due to poor nutrition, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, or undue stress. Solutions® Energy can help combat fatigue while metabolizing foods to help build the supply of energy. Siberian Ginseng is traditionally used as an adaptogenic herb to energize the body, Vitamin B12 helps metabolize food for use in energy production, and Guarana positively stimulates the central nervous system, heart and muscles.

What I Like:
Hubs suffers from a lack of energy so Solutions Energy was perfect for him. He doesn’t eat healthy and also doesn’t get enough sleep. He’s been taking these for about 3 weeks now and his energy levels have been great! If your like my Hubs and suffer from a lack of energy these would be perfect for you and help you in the energy department.

Swiss Vitamin C Chewable's:
Vitamin C's antioxidant qualities fight the environmental pollution that can wear us down. It is a water soluble nutrient and is the least stable of the vitamins. It can lose its potency to light, heat and exposure to air and must be consumed daily in the diet as the body does not process or store vitamin C.

What I Like:
The Chewable Vitamin C vitamins I got were assorted. I like that they contain 3 different flavors (grape, raspberry and orange), they are also available in grape,raspberry, orange and black cherry. They are sweet and taste like candy…I would describe them as candy-like rather than vitamin-like.

Omega-3 Youth:
For adolescents aged 9-18 years, Omega-3 Youth aids in the development of the brain, eyes and nerves. Higher DHA levels help with concentration, memory and learning skills, important during this developmental life stage. The soft gel capsules are small in size for easier swallowing and are enteric coated so that digestion occurs in the small intestine, eliminating potential for any fishy aftertaste.

What I Like:
Although I’m past my adolescent stages I still took these. I didn’t experience any fishy burps or fishy after taste and I find them very easy to swallow. They aren’t big at all, they are kind of the size of small jelly beans. If you’re looking to get your Omega 3s or have youth these are really good, you won’t smell fishy or experience any fishy aftertaste!

Chewable Peppermint & Kids Chewable Vitamin D:
NEW! Taking new Swiss Chewable KIDS Vitamin D3 600 I.U. can be a great way to ensure your children, as early as 2 years of age, are getting an adequate intake without having to rely on sun exposure.

NEW! Did you know that Vitamin D may play a role in the prevention of some major diseases? Taking new Swiss Chewable Peppermint Vitamin D3 1000 I.U. can be a great way to ensure you are getting an adequate intake without having to rely on sun exposure.

What I Like:
I’m sure we all know that a lack of sun exposure can lead to being deficient in vitamin D. Swiss Naturals New Kids Chewable vitamin D is a great way for kids to get their daily intake of Vitamin D. They come in cute orange puppy tablets that my kids really like and I don’t have any problems with them talking them. The Vitamin D3 Peppermint come in 90 small chewable tablets, you only need to take one daily so one bottle will last you around 3 months. The peppermint taste isn’t extremely strong... I would probably describe it as having a light peppermint taste, so if you’re a fan of peppermint you’ll like these.

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