Review - Bornprettystore

I have another Bornprettystore review, which is long over due (sorry!) Now if you haven't heard of Bornprettystore, they are a online retailer that sells a lot of beauty products for cheap and they also offer free worldwide shipping with any order.

The items I received were:

No Burn Acrylic Primer
The Acrylic Primer has a really strong scent to it. It comes with a brush attached to the lid like most primers do, making it convenient to use and application easy. The purpose of primer is to prevent lifting and with this I didn’t experience any lifting and my acrylic nails lasted a good 2 weeks.

Purple Dual Use Acrylic Nail Art Brush:
The Acrylic Brush makes the application of acrylic really easy. It‘s really soft and it picks up acrylic powder nicely. The size I got in was a #6 which is perfect for me, as it isn’t too small or too big. The brush can also be used as a cuticle pusher and remover.

7-way Nail Colorful Polish Buffering Block:
7-way Nail Colorful Polish Buffering Block is very easy to use and the shape of it makes it very easy and comfortable to hold. It left my nails smooth with a long lasting shine without the use of nail polish. The surface is also labeled , so you always know what sides to use.

The seven sides include:
Side 1:Coarse gritto shape nail
Side 2:Medium gritto shape nail
Side 3:Fine gritto to neaten edges of nail
Side 4:Evens out
Side 5:Smooths nail
Side 6:Buffs nail
Side 7:Shines nail

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Thank you Bornprettystore for sending me these products to review :D