Review - Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils

I recently had the chance to try out Dr.Beckmann Stain Devils through a Facebook promotion that they were having. I have never tried or heard about their products before, so I was very interested to see how well it would remove stains.

About Dr. Beckmann:
We're a family-owned company and have been operating since 1934. Dr. Beckmann, as an owner, cares about helping households like yours by solving laundry and household cleaning challenges that other brands miss.

The Dr. Beckmann brand has been successfully tackling cleaning tasks since originating in Germany (where we're still based) more than 30 years ago. We are the No 1 Specialist Stain Remover in Europe, can be found in markets around the world, and now available in Canada!

Our success is based on a simple promise… if Dr. Beckmann is on the package, you know it works because we care about cleaning.

The 9 Stain Devils include:
Glue, Gum & Nail Polish
Ketchup, Mustard & Chocolate
Ink & Crayon
Blood & Dairy
Fat & Cooking Oil
Make-Up, Dirt & Grass
Motor Oil & Lubricant
Wine, Tea, Coffee & Juice
Rust & Perspiration

The kids tend to get a lot of dirt and stains on their clothes, so I decided to try out the make-up, dirt and grass stain devil. The instructions were easy to follow, it’s easy to use and it has been getting all the stains out of clothing without damaging them.

Overall, I’m glad I had the chance to try out Dr.Beckmann Stain Devils! It has been getting out those nasty stains and I know that I can count on the Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils whenever I encounter a make up, dirt and grass stain! I can’t wait to try their other Stain Devils. Whatever the stain, Dr.Beckmann will have a Stain Devil to fit you needs. You can check out their Stain Clinic here to find the perfect solution to your household stains.

You can also connect with Dr. Beckmann on Facebook and Twitter.