Review - Somersaults Snack

Have you ever had something and once you took the first bite you couldn’t stop and just had to keep eating more? Well that is what happened to me when I had Somersault Snacks!

What are Somersaults Snack?
I would describe Somersaults as healthy bite sized snacks made from wholesome ingredients including sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and grains. They are crunchy and contain twice the protein and half the fat of almonds! The 4 flavors they come in are:

Pacific Sea Salt: The original blend of toasted grains, sunflower seeds,
sesame seeds and sea salt.

Dutch Cocoa: Blissfully combined toasted grains, sunflower seeds,
sesame seeds and rich cocoa flakes.

Salty Pepper: Baked with toasted grains, sunflower seeds,
sesame seeds and cracked pepper and sea salt.

Santa Fe Salsa: Toasted grains, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds
mixed with our favorite spices of the Southwest, including jalapeno,
chili pepper and chives.

Their Story:
With our busy, on-the-go lives we were desperate for a healthy snack that we could grab anytime - something that would nourish and tickle our taste buds. Disenchanted by unsatisfying snacks, we set out to create our own to share with other active people, just like us.

What we discovered on our quest was a surprise — the sunflower seed! We learned that seeds are the new nut, offering the perfect blend of protein, fiber and balanced nutrition with an excellent taste.

We loved the nut free nutrition of seeds so much, we nominated the sunflower seed as our own personal nutritional super hero, choosing it to be the #1 ingredient in every Somersault snack we bake.

Each of our Somersaults flavors are made with simple, all-natural ingredients of the highest quality so you can feel good sharing Somersaults with your whole family. So next time you enjoy a Somersault, think of those beautiful fields of sunflowers that stretch for miles across America and the incredible nutrition that these little seeds feed your body.

Somersault Snack Co. sent me a very nice package containing all the flavors in all 3 sizes. I first went for the Dutch Cocoa and it was sOoOo good! It wasn’t overly sweet and it satisfied my chocolate fix. My girls also loved them and Little A (6) said they taste like chocolate cookies. The Hubs favorite flavor was the Santa Fe Salsa it wasn’t spicy and was very flavorful. Sea Salt and Salty Pepper were also good and weren’t too salty.

Overall we enjoyed them all and these are definitely a better snack option than potato chips, cookies or any other unhealthy snack. I really like the fact that they are available in different sizes making it convenient to pack them in kids lunches or on the go. They are also nut free which makes them great for Little A to take to school, since they only allow nut free snacks. They are very satisfying, filling and taste great! If you’re a fan of sunflower seeds and like crunchy snacks you’ll love these!

Buy It:
You can purchase Somersault Snack here. To find a retailer near you click here.

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Thanks Somersault Snack Co. for sending me these products to review :)