Review - BornPrettyStore Fimo Sticks

I’ve done a few reviews for Bornprettystore and I’ve loved all the products I've tried so far. If you do not know about BornPrettyStore, they sell a wide range of beauty, nail art, and lifestyle products. You can check them out here.

For my review, I received a set of fimo sticks. If you do not know what fimo stick are, they’re basically polymer clay sticks that come in different designs. You slice them with an x-acto knife and place them on your nails. Some people also like to place them on their phones, scrapbooks and basically anything they want to add a design to.

The set I got came with 100 sticks. There are a numerous different designs like flowers, character faces, fruits and more.

My daughter was super excited to place some fimo nail art on her nails, she actually did them all by herself. What we did was we cut them into thin pieces, and she placed them where she wanted them to go. You can use glue or clear nail polish to stick them on, we used clear nail polish.

You can purchase the 100 set of Fimo Stick here.

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You can also connect with Bornprettystore on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you BornPrettyStore for sending me the fimo sticks to review :)