Kushyfoot Rib Tights & Flats to Go Review

Inspired by the feel-good art of Refloxology, Kushyfoot socks, tights and hosiery dress your feet for every occasion and pamper them with a massage in every step. Patented massaging sole comforts you from head to toe.

Kushyfoot Rib Tights
A pair of tights go well with dresses, skirts and even a pair of pants. But, sometimes tights snag, loose their shape, and even loose their color after a few washes, so your frequently throwing them out and buying a new pair.
I was sent a pair of Kushyfoot Rib Tights and I’m glad to report that they do not snag, loose their shape, or even loose their color after several washes!

Kushyfoot Rib Tights aren’t your ordinary pair of tights. There is something really unique about them. They massage your feet with every step!
These tights contain 3-dimensional padded soles that massages your feet to relive tension and fatigue. They are stylish and very comfortable. These tights come in the colors black, brown, grey and purple.

Kushyfoot Rib Tights are very durable as well. I feel like I could pull and tug on them and never create a run or ruin them. The quality is great and sizing is very accurate as well. I’ve worn and washed them many times. There hasn't been any color loss, and they've also retained their shape.

These rib tights are sure to leave your legs warm and your feet happy. If you wanted to wear these on a cold day, you would not freeze.

You can purchase these for $26.97. They come in a pack of 3, so it works out to be only $8.99 a pair.

The second thing I received was Kushyfoot's Flats to Go. These are designed to save your tired and achy feet from heels. I’m sure many of you ladies have experienced this before.

Flats to Go have a padded sole built into them that provide your feet with cushioned comfort. They are foldable and come in a carrying case, so you can easily place them in your bag. This makes them easy and ideal for when you are on the go. They also have an elastic backing and fit very well.

I got these in the zebra design. They are also available in solid colors (black, silver, gold) and other designs (perforated, snake skin and alligator). At $9.99 a pair, they are inexpensive and a very good solution to those sore feet.

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